Senior Staff Medical Technologist

Develops, performs, evaluates, interprets, correlates, and validates the accuracy of laboratory procedures and results.
Performs testing procedures on a variety of biological specimens and/or environmental samples using manual or automated techniques, and require a broad exercise of independent judgement and responsibility with minimal technical supervision.
Performs work in a variety of laboratory disciplines, such as bacteriology, chemistry (including endocrinology and toxicology), molecular biology, coagulation, flow cytometry, genetics, hematology, immunology, immunohematology (blood banking), mycology, parasitology, serology, urinalysis, and virology.
Monitors quality control systems and measures.
Collaborates in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
Provides education for laboratory and other healthcare professionals, and others in the medical center setting including the public.
Other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
Primarily Dayshift with possible rotating shifts to include evenings, weekends, holidays.
To be determined by supervisor.
Physical Requirements:
The work requires some physical exertion, such as regular and recurring light lifting, walking, bending, or standing.
In many situations the duration of the activity (such as most of a workday) contributes to the arduous nature of the job.
In other situations, such as in a laboratory, there may be special requirements for agility or dexterity, such as exceptional hand/eye coordination, or color differentiation.
Relocation expenses are NOT authorized for this position.

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